WEEK THREE: Jalapeño Pepper + CITY/Jungle + Baby Room Design


The dreaded CAT room—the third bedroom that we have yet to do anything with. Our bedroom is complete; the spare-room sits decorated waiting on visitors and then there is, THE ROOM that stores hockey equipment, Andrew’s suits, the four boxes we’ve yet to open from the move… and our cat! In an attempt to re-invigorate this space, I figured what better excuse then a baby’s room.

My inspiration for the room was easy, the city! What could be more playful than soaring skyscrapers with jungle vines growing from the roof tops, paired with a lion/cab motif? Voila! J

FYI--I still have a little left to complete but here's where I stand so far. 

DETAILS: Thank you Mr. Benjamin Moore for coming up with such a bright and playful green, Jalapeño Pepper. Thank you to my great husband for helping me paint. VERY EXCITED MOMENT: I recently inherited my very own over-head projector! <insert a small jump with clicking heels> Yes, a dinosaur of sorts but the best gadget to have when you’re drawing big murals on walls or canvas. Thank you Salisbury Math Department. The design came via google images; I’m not sure who to give credit to but the original was an amazing line drawing. I mocked it up on over-head paper (not cheap I might add$$) and traced it on to our walls. The lions and cabs were quick drawings AND DONE! Now, I just need furniture to complete the space—stay tuned for more pics.