WEEK FOUR: Workouts + "No More Snow CT!!" + Traditions

DID YOU NOTICE?? I had a few people note that I hadn't put anything up about fitness-->so with that, check out the right column for the WORKOUT OF THE DAY! Or, click on SPIN, CROSSFIT or RUN+OTHER for past workouts.

FIRST CHALLENGE: I double-dog-dare you to try one out!

STOP ALL THE SNOW! With 6 snow days in the last 3 weeks, what better time to take in the sites of the tri-state area than mid-storm. Last week's Hartford Courant marked NW Connecticut encroaching on the 100+ inches of snow mark! What?? The kicker, this is just for December and January.

We've started a new tradition---a chai latte from Irving Farm (Andrew's more of a hot chocolate guy) and a walk down the Millerton Rail Trail (NY) with the pup. Here are a few snaps from our morning away (no phones, no e-mail and definitely no TV). 

SECOND CHALLENGE: Make a weekly tradition! My girls in Toronto do a rotating brunch on Sunday's, a friend from University has Tuesdays @ 8PM permanently booked in her calendar to catch up with her sister via phone, a work colleague of mine does "Margarita + Mexican Fridays", you get the drift...

CrossFit Info + New Project To Come Next Week--->

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