WEEK FIVE: I HEART Typography + New Art

I'M SURE YOU DO THIS TOO! Each year, I rack my brain to come up with Christmas gifts that are meaningful. I've prided myself on trying to remember the something special, mentioned months ago, that I purposely stored in the deep depths, or recesses, of my brain knowing full well, it would make a great gift down the road. That's the gift I'm after!

Selfishly, I'm really just looking for the "WOW" comment or the "You definitely put some thought into this one" remark. I revel in seeing people excited about gifts they've been given. <INSERT Christmas Story scene where Ralphie opens up his NEW Red Ryder BB Gun> Now, that's the reaction I crave! 

AND THIS YEAR, I think I might have actually hit the mark--well--who knows, maybe Leaf tickets would have resonated louder! Believe-you-me, I'm pretty sure my art-appreciating, sentimental husband truly liked this year's Christmas gift. Regardless, we certainly checked off a few items on the proverbial "decor" list: a meaningful + relevant gift, new art for the house, big art to make a statement and of course, a piece that will bring back memories every time we look at it.

PUTTING IT TOGETHER. A super simple project if you've used Adobe Photoshop before. To start, craft a list of all those places you've been solo or with your partner: TOWN, CITY, COUNTRY, NEIGHBOURHOOD NICKNAME, etc. Pick a background color, height, width and of course, font and you're ready to go! Now just hone up on your leading (space 1/8 inch between words) and you're good to go.

NEXT GOAL: To display this puppy down at our local funky outdoor apparel store in town (retailing for $150/each; no framing) and see if I get any bites.
If you're interested in one for an anniversary gift, a wedding gift or just for fun, e-mail me at: mavisblu@gmail.com.

framing = $400 (Frames on Wheels, Salisbury, CT)
battleship blue steel frame; white on white matte.

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