WEEK ONE: Back From The Framers----

Similar to a DIET--now that I've said I don't want "chocolate", I want it that much more...
I swear it's almost a habit (or need for noise in sleepy CT) of turning on the TV when I get home. I know, pathetic! So last night I refrained from the tube and instead, headed to our local framer to pick up my latest art project.

One thing that NW CT has in abundance, is antiques. While searching through some of the antique shops that litter Rt. 44, Andrew and I found a 1931 MA plate that we thought was pretty cool. I'm not sold on collecting plates but, at the time, we had thoughts of creating a vertical art piece for the house--so this seemed to work. Insert OH, VT, ME, NY, RI, MO and ONTARIO, collected over the last few months and we were set. Below, a few pics of our most recent art piece. I love that our ONTARIO plate is bright red!

Plates: $20-$30/each; Framing: $400.

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