WIN your VERY own 5FT. personalized ART as seen in WEEK FIVE.

Note, winner will be chosen at random from the comments/names below.
(printing + framing not included; PDF to be sent via e-mail)



NATTALIE MEET AVOCADO--->I'm not sure how it took me 20 years to introduce myself to what could quite possibly be my favorite topper, compliment to a meal, fixin', snack or you-name-it, but the AVOCADO has become just that.

In the RURAL bliss that I live in, often is the case where we're DINNER GUESTS. HERE'S WHY: We're COMPACT with no kids, we're MOBILE as we're always seemingly available and sadly, and more recently, for the sheer fact that we currently don't own a DINING ROOM TABLE (quick fix for this + new project to come with my next post) Seemingly, we've become a hot commodity in our community!

THE GIFT~We can't come empty-handed? So, what can we offer over and above the standard bottle of wine or dessert or hostess gift? Why not consider one of these casual appetizers that are super easy on the prep time and only use a few ingredients. These recipes has definitely become fan favourites in my circles.

Try one out this coming weekend + let me know how it/you fared....

3 avocados sliced in small wedges
1 package crumbled/block feta
2 french bread loafs
1 cup extra-virgin olive oil
1/2 cup oregano (fresh)
Peel and remove pit of avocado, cut into halves and then cut into smaller bite size pieces. Add crumbles of feta to equal cut avocado. Mix avocado in with feta, drizzle olive oil on top along with oregano, mix together. On serving tray, surround avocado + feta mix with french bread slices. (Thanks KIM---this is your hand-me-down)

1 red onion
2 cobs of corn (seasonal)
2 avocados
3 vine tomatoes
1 can black beans
1 tsp. cumin
2 tbsp. olive oil
sugar + salt to taste
Chop avocado, onion, corn and tomato (smaller the better) + add in black beans. Prepare cumin, olive oil, sugar + salt in separate bowl. Mix with salsa. Add tortilla chips and you're good to go!


WEEK FIVE: I HEART Typography + New Art

I'M SURE YOU DO THIS TOO! Each year, I rack my brain to come up with Christmas gifts that are meaningful. I've prided myself on trying to remember the something special, mentioned months ago, that I purposely stored in the deep depths, or recesses, of my brain knowing full well, it would make a great gift down the road. That's the gift I'm after!

Selfishly, I'm really just looking for the "WOW" comment or the "You definitely put some thought into this one" remark. I revel in seeing people excited about gifts they've been given. <INSERT Christmas Story scene where Ralphie opens up his NEW Red Ryder BB Gun> Now, that's the reaction I crave! 

AND THIS YEAR, I think I might have actually hit the mark--well--who knows, maybe Leaf tickets would have resonated louder! Believe-you-me, I'm pretty sure my art-appreciating, sentimental husband truly liked this year's Christmas gift. Regardless, we certainly checked off a few items on the proverbial "decor" list: a meaningful + relevant gift, new art for the house, big art to make a statement and of course, a piece that will bring back memories every time we look at it.

PUTTING IT TOGETHER. A super simple project if you've used Adobe Photoshop before. To start, craft a list of all those places you've been solo or with your partner: TOWN, CITY, COUNTRY, NEIGHBOURHOOD NICKNAME, etc. Pick a background color, height, width and of course, font and you're ready to go! Now just hone up on your leading (space 1/8 inch between words) and you're good to go.

NEXT GOAL: To display this puppy down at our local funky outdoor apparel store in town (retailing for $150/each; no framing) and see if I get any bites.
If you're interested in one for an anniversary gift, a wedding gift or just for fun, e-mail me at: mavisblu@gmail.com.

framing = $400 (Frames on Wheels, Salisbury, CT)
battleship blue steel frame; white on white matte.


WEEK FOUR: Workouts + "No More Snow CT!!" + Traditions

DID YOU NOTICE?? I had a few people note that I hadn't put anything up about fitness-->so with that, check out the right column for the WORKOUT OF THE DAY! Or, click on SPIN, CROSSFIT or RUN+OTHER for past workouts.

FIRST CHALLENGE: I double-dog-dare you to try one out!

STOP ALL THE SNOW! With 6 snow days in the last 3 weeks, what better time to take in the sites of the tri-state area than mid-storm. Last week's Hartford Courant marked NW Connecticut encroaching on the 100+ inches of snow mark! What?? The kicker, this is just for December and January.

We've started a new tradition---a chai latte from Irving Farm (Andrew's more of a hot chocolate guy) and a walk down the Millerton Rail Trail (NY) with the pup. Here are a few snaps from our morning away (no phones, no e-mail and definitely no TV). 

SECOND CHALLENGE: Make a weekly tradition! My girls in Toronto do a rotating brunch on Sunday's, a friend from University has Tuesdays @ 8PM permanently booked in her calendar to catch up with her sister via phone, a work colleague of mine does "Margarita + Mexican Fridays", you get the drift...

CrossFit Info + New Project To Come Next Week--->


WEEK THREE: Jalapeño Pepper + CITY/Jungle + Baby Room Design


The dreaded CAT room—the third bedroom that we have yet to do anything with. Our bedroom is complete; the spare-room sits decorated waiting on visitors and then there is, THE ROOM that stores hockey equipment, Andrew’s suits, the four boxes we’ve yet to open from the move… and our cat! In an attempt to re-invigorate this space, I figured what better excuse then a baby’s room.

My inspiration for the room was easy, the city! What could be more playful than soaring skyscrapers with jungle vines growing from the roof tops, paired with a lion/cab motif? Voila! J

FYI--I still have a little left to complete but here's where I stand so far. 

DETAILS: Thank you Mr. Benjamin Moore for coming up with such a bright and playful green, Jalapeño Pepper. Thank you to my great husband for helping me paint. VERY EXCITED MOMENT: I recently inherited my very own over-head projector! <insert a small jump with clicking heels> Yes, a dinosaur of sorts but the best gadget to have when you’re drawing big murals on walls or canvas. Thank you Salisbury Math Department. The design came via google images; I’m not sure who to give credit to but the original was an amazing line drawing. I mocked it up on over-head paper (not cheap I might add$$) and traced it on to our walls. The lions and cabs were quick drawings AND DONE! Now, I just need furniture to complete the space—stay tuned for more pics.