WEEK SIXTEEN: Re-furbished Baby Dresser + Change Table

If you've had a child or are just about to, I'm sure you've been or are about to be, overwhelmed by the multitude of baby options out there. Andrew and I just dragged ourselves to BuyBuyBaby a few weekends back to check out strollers and to start figuring out what we need pre-baby arrival. To say the least, it was definitely an experience! By the end of a 40 minute 'personal' stroller consultation (apparently this is a common place at these type stores) our heads were spinning and couldn't fathom that there was that much to know about strollers--jogging vs. city, travel systems vs. other accessories, light weight vs. two-seater, weight capacity...OYE!!! ...I don't want to even go into cribs or car seats and baby furniture in general...

Upon leaving the store, Andrew and I made a pact that we wouldn't get wrapped up in all things baby-merchandise and with that, we decided to re-purpose our furniture and find a very slim list of 'needs' as we start to plan for our new addition.

Recently I was gifted a dresser from my sister (thank you new cottage renovations that phased out this gem!). I forgot to take a bare-bones picture so the picture below is as good as it gets---just imagine very dated wood and the fact that this piece had been in storage for 40+ years.

I decided on grey, white and teal blue to compliment our already jalapeno walls. I stripped down everything washed it with bleach and voila--here it is!

GREY--Benjamin Moore (Natura) -- T-Shirt Grey $50
BLUE--Benjamin Moore (Natura) -- Calypso Teal $25
WHITE--Benjamin Moore (Natura) -- Pillow White $15

*Note, the Natura Benjamin Moore paint has the lowest VO levels. I would recommend it for anyone painting while pregnant (I had a lovely protective mask as well) or painting a room where an infant will reside.

Have you seen how much changing tables are? $300 for a table that I'm positive will only have a few months of use. So, I decided to get creative and make my own. With supplies, I was able to add a 'topper' to our new re-purposed dresser FOR FREE (BIG thanks to the nice man at the hardware store who cut and filled my wood order for free using wood from the 'homeless' wood pile)  

2 pieces of 2x1 pine cut at 30 inches
2 pieces of 2x1 pine cut at 11 inches
Base using thin wood (can't remember the type of wood) cut at 32 X 11
GREY--Benjamin Moore (Natura) -- T-Shirt Grey

A little grey paint and kitchen cabinet liner. Using the dimensions above, I was able to pop in a standard changing table pad and cover---and VOILA!

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