RURALurbanist BEGINS----

I LOVE THE CITY (AND I MISS IT EVEN MORE!) -- the excitement of busy streets, the cultural hot spots that continually change, live music weekly (thanks K+A), foodie finds or tried-and-true, go-to sushi joints, boutique shopping (or shopping that isn't an hour away) and in general, the CREATIVITY that seems to radiate around you when you live in civilization!

BUT ALAS, I moved to what could be deemed as the polar opposite of what I covet. I traded in my SUBWAY PASS and BLOOR STREET for the SLEEPY and UNDISTURBED FOOTHILLS of the BERKSHIRES. Although, I have to admit--I have found a soft spot for my new outdoor-esque lifestyle (maybe it's just the cool people I've met)!

SO WHY THE BLOG? Well, I needed some inspiration and since very little was finding me, I had to find a way to create it myself. After two years of denial over my move and trying to find my bearings in NW CT, I have found myself more interested in turning on the TV and letting it entertain me than learning ways to entertain myself (with my own talents and interests). I'm sick of living someone else's reality-tv-life and thought I would create my own (no matter how mundane). I've boxed up my inner creator/creative and am ready for it BACK!

ENTER 2011 and the start of RURALurbanist--I'm destined to take advantage of my six-year stint in CT. This blog will be dedicated to posts about my latest DIY art project, my newest gym work-outs (I love a good work-out fad!), running, my two-year old weim/lab, foodie inspirations, decorating and anything creative that falls in between.

SO HERE GOES...I'm giving up TV for 365 days! The RURALurbanist is UNPLUGGED, has her inner-creative DIVA IN CHECK and is ready to BLOG ABOUT IT!


  1. This is so you natts! love it, looking forward to following it, and seeing if you can do the no TV!

  2. What?!? No tv for a year...props to you, I couldn't do it:)